Services Offered

Stunt Props

We get a great deal of enjoyment in making our stunt props. We understand that every stunt prop is unique and requires special care and thought. From soft props, to weapons, to breakaways, The Cooler Heads do it all.

Safety is paramount when designing these types of props. Our prop makers have a long track record of designing safety props that not only look authentic, but keep our clients free from injury.


Are you looking for a unique award or trophy for a special event or occasion? Our shop has the resources to create magnificent looking awards and trophies. Awards are very personal by nature, and should look as stunning as the accomplishment for which they are given. All of our specialty awards are custom-designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We have the ability to take an idea from design to completion. We can manufacture your award in a variety of materials to include plated or faux finished urethane, stainless steel, polished aluminum, bronze and brass, depending on your needs and budget


We strive for complete realism when creating our animal props. Our animals are durable, dependable and can fill the spot of the real thing for your hero shot. Special attention to detail helps avoid some of the hassles that come along with working with real animals. If your animal requires movement, we also have the ability to mechanize it for you and turn it into a mechanical fully animatronic puppet.


Our CNC machines give us the ability to fabricate from a variety of materials. We are able to make signs out of Wood, Plastic and metal. Bring us your idea and we can turn it into a reality.

Prop Fabrication

Props tend to get overlooked in the industry when it comes to quality. If you are looking for hyper-realistic looking props then your search is over.

We offer high quality products designed to fool even the most finicky of audiences. The attention to detail that we put into our props sets us apart from the competition. Our objective in the creation of our props is not to be able to tell the difference between the faux prop and the authentic item.

Our prop making services include- Molding, Casting, Faux finishing and Sculpture. We have the ability, talent and equipment to fabricate props from wood, plastic, silicone rubber, urethane and metal.

Graphics & Design

Product Concept Renderings

The Cooler Heads can help you turn your idea into reality. If you have a great idea for a product, bring it to us and we can turn your idea into a beautiful rendering or mock up. From there we can use our fabrication skills to prototype your design.


We offer a variety of graphic services and are well versed in using industry standard software applications. The Cooler Heads can take a concept all the way through the production process from renderings to the manufacturing of the actual items.

Let us be your one stop shop for graphic design, graphic props, blueprints, and concept renderings.


Do you need something cut out of metal, plastic, foam, wood or MDF? We can handle it! We have a 4’ X 8’ CNC Router, 2’ X 4’ CNC Plasma Cutter and a 80W CNC laser cutter/engraver at our facility.

Plasma- Cuts all kinds of metal

Router- Cuts softer objects like plastic and wood

Laser- Cuts wood, specific plastics, and MDF. Engraves wood, plastic and metal.

Stunt Dummies

The Cooler Heads take great pride in our life-like figures and stunt dummies. The process starts with a life casting of your talent. If the actor or actress is adamantly against having a life cast taken of their face and body, our sculptors can sculpt their features using measurements and photographs.

Our life-like figures can be made from silicone or urethane, depending on your preference. Silicone is more realistic looking, but urethane is slightly more durable and less expensive. The examples on this page show the quality of our work and the hyper-realism of our life-like figures. All of our dummies have individually punched hair, high quality eyes and teeth, and are painted by some of the best painters in the special effects industry.


We offer a wide variety of costume making services.  Our costume shop has the ability to fabricate both realistic looking costumes and walk around character type costumes.  We specialize in foam fabrication, sewing, silicone prosthetics and hair punching.  We have the ability to give you the look you want at a reasonable price.

The costumers at Cooler Heads will take your idea through the entire production process from concept drawings to final production.

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